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January 11 - World Sketchnote Day

On January 11th, a global community of visual thinkers, artists, and note-takers comes together to celebrate World Sketchnote Day. This day is dedicated to the practice of sketchnote-taking—a creative and visual approach to capturing ideas, thoughts, and information. Sketchnote enthusiasts, both seasoned and beginners, embrace the joy of doodling, drawing, and visually organizing their notes. In this blog post, we'll explore the origins of World Sketchnote Day, the art of sketchnote-taking, and ways to join the celebration of this expressive and imaginative day.

The Origins of World Sketchnote Day:

World Sketchnote Day originated as a grassroots movement within the sketchnote community—a vibrant and growing group of individuals who use visual notetaking to enhance their understanding and retention of information. The day aims to showcase the power of sketchnoting as a tool for learning, creativity, and effective communication.

The Art of Sketchnote-Taking:

1. Visual Storytelling: Sketchnote-taking involves combining words and images to create visual narratives. It's a form of visual storytelling that enhances comprehension and memory retention.

2. Information Organization: Sketchnote layouts often include elements like icons, borders, and connectors to visually organize information. This helps users quickly grasp the structure and key points of a topic.

3. Creativity and Expression: Sketchnote-taking is a highly creative process that allows individuals to express their unique style. It encourages doodling, color usage, and the incorporation of personal flair into notes.

4. Memory Enhancement: The visual nature of sketchnotes makes information more memorable. Associating concepts with images aids in recall, making sketchnote-taking a valuable tool for learning and retaining information.

5. Engagement and Focus: The act of sketching while listening or reading can enhance engagement and focus. Sketchnote-taking encourages active participation in the learning process.

Ways to Join the Celebration of World Sketchnote Day:

1. Create Your First Sketchnote: If you're new to sketchnote-taking, World Sketchnote Day is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Start with a simple concept or idea, and experiment with doodling and visual elements.

2. Share Your Sketchnote Journey: If you're already a sketchnote enthusiast, share your sketchnote journey on social media. Use the hashtag #SNDay2023 to connect with the global sketchnote community.

3. Participate in Virtual Events: Look for virtual events, webinars, or workshops organized in celebration of World Sketchnote Day. Joining these events can provide inspiration, tips, and insights from experienced sketchnoters.

4. Explore Sketchnote Resources: Dive into books, online courses, and tutorials about sketchnote-taking. World Sketchnote Day is an excellent time to explore resources that can enhance your skills and creativity.

5. Organize a Sketchnote Meetup: If you're passionate about sketchnote-taking, consider organizing a local or virtual meetup. Connect with others who share your interest, exchange tips, and collaborate on sketchnote projects.

6. Engage with the Sketchnote Community: Follow sketchnote artists and communities on social media platforms. Share your work, engage in discussions, and discover new ideas and techniques.


World Sketchnote Day is a celebration of creativity, visual thinking, and the diverse ways individuals express themselves through sketchnotes. Whether you're a seasoned sketchnoter or a beginner, January 11th provides a fantastic opportunity to embrace the power of visual notetaking, connect with a global community, and explore the boundless potential of expressing ideas through doodles and drawings. So, pick up your pens, unleash your creativity, and join the vibrant celebration of World Sketchnote Day!

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