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December 27 - National Fruitcake Day

On December 27th, we celebrate National Fruitcake Day, a day dedicated to a holiday treat that has sparked both fond memories and lighthearted jokes. Fruitcake, with its candied fruits, nuts, and rich, spiced cake, has been a part of festive traditions around the world for centuries. This day invites us to rediscover the charm and history of this classic confection.

The History of Fruitcake:

Fruitcake has a long and storied history. It dates back to ancient Rome when a type of fruitcake, called satura, was made using barley mash, raisins, and honey. Over time, this concept of combining fruits and nuts in a cake-like form spread to different cultures, each adding its unique twist to the recipe.

In medieval Europe, fruitcake became associated with celebrations and special occasions. It was often made with ingredients that were considered precious at the time, such as candied fruits, spices, and honey. It was a symbol of abundance and indulgence.

The Making of Fruitcake:

Traditional fruitcake is made by combining candied fruits, nuts, and spices into a dense, sweet cake. The cake itself is often flavored with warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. The fruit and nuts are usually soaked in rum, brandy, or other spirits to enhance the flavor.

Fruitcake can be a labor of love, with many recipes calling for weeks of preparation and aging to achieve the best flavor. The aging process allows the cake to absorb the flavors of the fruits and nuts, resulting in a richer and more complex taste.

Enjoying Fruitcake:

Fruitcake can be enjoyed in various ways, and the opinions on the best approach vary from person to person. Here are some ways to savor fruitcake:

1. Sliced and Served Plain: Simply slice and serve the fruitcake as is, appreciating the combination of flavors and textures.

2. Warmed and Buttered: Warm a slice of fruitcake and spread it with a thin layer of butter for added richness.

3. With Cheese: Pair fruitcake with a mild cheese, like cheddar or brie, to balance the sweetness.

4. In Desserts: Use fruitcake as an ingredient in other desserts, such as trifle or ice cream.

5. As a Gift: Share fruitcake with friends and family as a thoughtful and traditional holiday gift.

Fruitcake Myths and Traditions:

Fruitcake has been the subject of numerous myths and humorous anecdotes. Some common fruitcake-related traditions and jokes include:

1. Passing Down Recipes: Fruitcake recipes are often passed down through generations, making them treasured family traditions.

2. Re-Gifting: The idea that fruitcakes are re-gifted from one person to another has become a popular comedic trope.

3. Aged for Years: Some families have fruitcakes that are aged for many years, becoming a unique part of their holiday celebration.

4. Fruitcake Tossing: Some communities hold fruitcake tossing competitions, playfully embracing the idea of "getting rid" of fruitcakes.

Making Fruitcake at Home:

If you're interested in making fruitcake from scratch, you can find a wide variety of recipes to suit your preferences. Homemade fruitcake allows you to customize the types of fruits, nuts, and spices you include.


National Fruitcake Day on December 27th is a day to revisit the timeless charm of this classic holiday treat. Whether you're enjoying it as a slice of tradition, using it in creative recipes, or sharing it as a heartfelt gift, fruitcake brings a sense of history and indulgence to the holiday season. So, take a moment to appreciate the flavors, stories, and memories that fruitcake embodies as you celebrate this unique and enduring confection.

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