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December 20 - Go Caroling Day

On December 20th, we celebrate Go Caroling Day, a heartwarming holiday that embraces the tradition of caroling. Caroling involves groups of singers, often friends, families, or community members, spreading holiday cheer by singing festive songs and spreading joy throughout neighborhoods, public spaces, and homes. This day reminds us of the joy and unity that music can bring during the holiday season.

The Tradition of Caroling:

Caroling has deep historical roots and is believed to have originated in medieval Europe. It was a way for people to celebrate and share the spirit of the holiday season with their communities. Carolers would visit homes and public spaces, singing songs of peace, love, and joy.

Caroling was often associated with Christmas, but the practice extended to various winter festivals and celebrations around the world. Today, it remains a beloved tradition in many countries.

The Joy of Singing:

Singing, whether you're a seasoned vocalist or someone who only sings in the shower, is a universal expression of joy. When we come together to sing, it creates a sense of unity, shared purpose, and togetherness.

Choosing Caroling Songs:

Traditional caroling songs, or carols, often convey themes of love, happiness, and goodwill. Here are some popular carols to consider singing:

1. "Jingle Bells"

2. "Deck the Halls"

3. "Silent Night"

4. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

5. "O Holy Night"

6. "Joy to the World"

7. "The First Noel"

However, don't limit yourself to just traditional carols. Modern holiday songs and songs from other cultures can also add variety and richness to your caroling repertoire.

Organizing a Caroling Group:

To celebrate Go Caroling Day, consider forming a caroling group with friends, family members, or members of your community. Here's how to get started:

1. Select Songs: Choose a selection of songs that everyone in your group is comfortable singing.

2. Practice: Hold a few practice sessions to ensure that the group is in harmony and knows the lyrics.

3. Plan the Route: Decide on the neighborhoods or locations you want to visit. Make a list of addresses or venues.

4. Dress Warmly: Dress appropriately for the weather, as caroling often involves being outdoors in colder temperatures.

5. Spreading Joy: Bring along some homemade treats, hot beverages, or small gifts to share with those you visit.

Spreading Joy:

Caroling is not only about singing but also about spreading joy and holiday spirit. Consider visiting local nursing homes, hospitals, shelters, and community centers to share your songs with those who may appreciate it most. Your caroling can brighten the day of others and make your community feel more connected and festive.

Recording Your Caroling:

Consider recording your caroling adventure and sharing it with friends and family through social media or video calls. This way, you can involve loved ones who might not be able to join in person.


Go Caroling Day is a day to embrace the joy of singing and share the festive spirit of the holiday season with others. Whether you're singing traditional carols or contemporary holiday songs, the act of caroling brings people together, fosters a sense of community, and spreads happiness. So, on December 20th, let your voices fill the air with holiday cheer and brighten the hearts of those who have the pleasure of hearing your songs.

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