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April 5 - National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Hello, pizza aficionados and lovers of indulgent cuisine! Today is a day dedicated to savoring the hearty goodness of one of America's most iconic pizza styles because it's National Deep Dish Pizza Day! April 5th is a day to celebrate the rich layers of flavor, gooey cheese, and thick crust that make deep dish pizza a beloved favorite among pizza enthusiasts everywhere.

The Deep Dish Pizza Phenomenon

Before we dive into the festivities, let's take a moment to appreciate the culinary marvel that is deep dish pizza. Originating from Chicago, deep dish pizza is characterized by its thick, buttery crust, generous layers of cheese and toppings, and hearty tomato sauce. Baked in a deep, round pan, deep dish pizza boasts a satisfying depth of flavor and a filling, comforting texture that has captivated pizza lovers for generations.

Ways to Celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Now that we've embraced the spirit of deep dish pizza appreciation, let's explore some delightful ways to celebrate:

1. Pizza Party Extravaganza: Host a pizza party and treat yourself and your loved ones to a mouthwatering spread of deep dish pizzas. Whether you're ordering delivery from your favorite pizzeria or making homemade deep dish pizzas from scratch, set up a pizza buffet with an assortment of toppings and let everyone customize their perfect pie. Don't forget to pair it with refreshing beverages and delectable sides for a complete pizza party experience.

2. DIY Deep Dish Pizza Night: Roll up your sleeves and get ready to knead, roll, and assemble your own deep dish pizzas at home. From preparing the dough and layering on the cheese and toppings to baking it to golden perfection, making deep dish pizza from scratch is a fun and rewarding culinary adventure that's sure to impress your taste buds and your guests. Get creative with your toppings and experiment with unique flavor combinations to create a pizza masterpiece that's uniquely yours.

3. Pizza Tasting Tour: Embark on a pizza tasting tour of your city or neighborhood and sample deep dish pizzas from different pizzerias and restaurants. Whether you're exploring iconic pizza joints in Chicago, the birthplace of deep dish pizza, or discovering hidden gems in your own backyard, a pizza tasting tour is a delicious way to celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day and indulge in a variety of flavors and styles.

4. Pizza Making Class: Take a pizza making class or join a virtual workshop to learn new techniques and recipes for making perfect deep dish pizzas at home. Whether you're mastering the art of dough-making, perfecting your sauce and cheese ratios, or learning innovative topping combinations, a pizza making class is a fun and educational way to celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day and elevate your pizza-making skills to new heights.

5. Share the Pizza Love: Spread the joy of deep dish pizza by treating friends, family, or coworkers to a delicious meal. Whether you're surprising them with homemade deep dish pizzas, ordering delivery from their favorite pizzeria, or hosting a pizza-themed potluck, sharing the gift of pizza is a tasty way to celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day and bring smiles to those around you.


National Deep Dish Pizza Day is a celebration of the hearty crust, gooey cheese, and flavorful toppings that make deep dish pizza a beloved favorite among pizza enthusiasts everywhere. Whether we're hosting a pizza party, making homemade deep dish pizzas, or embarking on a pizza tasting tour, let's take time to savor the deliciousness of this iconic dish and celebrate its enduring legacy as a beloved staple of American cuisine.

Here's to a day filled with cheesy bites, savory flavors, and the simple pleasure of enjoying a delicious deep dish pizza with friends and loved ones. Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day, everyone!

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